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Odyssey Overage Recovery Services, helps clients to recover leftover funds from Property Tax Foreclosure auctions. Many times these funds, which are called "overages," remain unclaimed because individuals are unaware that they exist. When individuals are unaware of the existence of these funds, they are permanently lost to government agency holding them as "abandoned" and "unclaimed" funds. We notify our clients, who we call "claimants," concerning funds they have due to them. We also help our clients to recover their funds for contingency fee of 35% of the amount recovered. We NEVER ask for any money up front and we ONLY get paid when and if we recover money for you. We even front the expenses of investigation and getting the money. To enjoy our services or make further inquiries, please give us a call at 1-877-576-1097.

Our Team

Our well trained staff of professionals remain up-to-date about the state and county laws regarding unclaimed funds. We are a family-oriented business that includes a small but excellent team of researchers who are detail-oriented and proficient at auditing public records and using computer database searching to locate funds that are on the Tax Foreclosure Overage lists. 

Your Goals are our Goals

Our company mission is to provide you with the specifics about where your money is located, verify that the funds are owed to you, and go and recover your money as expeditiously and efficiently as possible. In order to ensure the best chance at success, we work closely with you as we are pursuing your funds. We are committed to helping you recover the funds that are rightfully yours. We want to be your recovery service, so why not get in touch and see how we can recovery funds on your behalf?

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